The Rotary Trail is on its Way!

The highly anticipated Rotary Trail is under construction!

The Rotary Trail is a four-block park located along First Avenue South between 24th and 20th Streets that will feature boardwalks, running and biking paths, picnic areas, benches and many more amenities. As a linage to the Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System, the Rotary Trail will serve to connect already existing developments in Railroad Park, Regions Field and the future Powell Avenue Steam Plant. The development will also link growing districts like Lakeview and Avondale, and provide safe walking and biking options between Sloss Furnaces and the Crossplex.

This project will bring more than a park and walkways through the downtown Birmingham area. The Rotary Trail will provide historic character, embracing Birmingham’s past and bringing it to the future. It will offer transit links to surrounding districts just as the original railroad did. The Trail is packed with community-building features such as a dedicated education space and designs for an amphitheater. On top off all of that, it creates green space in an urban city, which can be a difficult task to accomplish.

Once completed, the Rotary Trail will leave a lasting gift for the city of Birmingham and its citizens. The Freshwater Land Trust is proud to be playing a role in the planning process for this transformational project. Once completed, the Rotary Trail will serve as another Birmingham success story and testament to the transformational work that public-private partnerships can bring to our community.

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy trails!

rt group    wendy and bill


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