YMCA & Red Rock Partner for Healthy Communities

stan law2015’s first Red Rock Tuesday on Fox 6’s Good Day Alabama kicked off this morning at the Shades Valley YMCA. We spent the morning with Jeh Jeh and President & CEO of the YMCA Stan Law learning more about how the Y is working with local partners to bring greater health impacts to the community by encouraging people to get outside and exercise.

The YMCA’s efforts to create programs that get people outside the four walls of the gym and connected to parks and trails coincides with the Freshwater Land Trust’s work to provide access to these outside places where they can exercise and play. Our mission is to preserve the places that matter so that people can become connected with the outdoors, and the Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System serves as that important connection.

Specifically, the Y is working with the Freshwater Land Trust to create social walking groups that utilize the Red Rock Trail System. These groups encourage people to get active outside – to visit a park or trail and exercise together – so that they can be healthier. We all know the health benefits of exercising, but the social aspect of walking a trail or playing in a park is also beneficial to the community’s well-being.

Have a safe place to go outside and exercise is one of the first steps to living a healthier lifestyle. The goal of the Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System is to connect people to the places they want to go. We want to provide those connections, so that the healthy choice can become the easy choice. People who have access to parks and trails in their neighborhoods are more likely to use them every day to fulfill their health and fitness goals. We look forward to continuing our work with the YMCA as well as the Jefferson County Department of Health and other Health Action Partnership leaders to provide these meaningful connections and make Birmingham a healthier, more walkable place to live, work and play.

Remember to follow the Freshwater Land Trust on Facebook to stay updated on the newest additions to the Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System, and tune into Red Rock Tuesday on Good Day Alabama on the first Tuesday of every month!



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